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Hema, Hema: Sing Me a song while I wait

Bhutan (2016)

(BFI Special)
I young woman works in a modern pub in Bhutan. Her life is so complicated and the best way to earn good money is being a prostitute. But, why a beautiful woman needs to sell her body? The story starts a long time ago in the middle of the jungle. Every 12 years a strange festival is hold in a secret place. Several days enjoying music and nature; the only requirements: never show your face and follow the old man rules. The rest is complete freedom, with people, animals and trees. Traditional music and theatre could be enjoyed every night. It is a perfect place to fell in love. It is the case of our star, a redneck from the country side who feels a strong desire after seeing a nice woman having a bath. He can't control his passion and during a clear night the guy rapped her without compassion. She was married and her husband chased the rapist looking for revenge. But the redneck has a knife and he killed the desperate husband. It is a serious drama, but since everybody wears a mask it is not possible to identify the killer. A killer who never will forget this incident and 24 years after it, come back to the festival to try to know the identity of 'his lover'. However he will realise that his abominable crime had tremendous consequences, directly linked with the woman in the pub...

 A new BFI film, in this case within the Dare genre: In-your-face, up-front and arresting: films that take you out of your comfort zone. This genre is always a challenge and it is suitable for Piniculas fans. Regarding the movie, it is from Bhutan and it shows, from a very intimate point of view, how humans beings could live in communion with nature, music, theatre and arts in general. Through 2 generations, the evolution is analysed from the Bhutanese perspective. Since Bhutan is an exotic and certainly 'forgotten' country, the director is able to offer to the spectator a fresh point of view about the life in the country side and how traditions are mixed with new trends. A mixture between drama and documentary, the heterogeneous Hema, Hema is a beautiful poem to enjoy Bhutanese music and landscapes and to know the humble people who collaborated in the film. However, there is no a proper plot but a series of situations with a few dialogues that shows how some aspects of the Bhutanese culture, including a delightful music.

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Mark: 7.2

To Remember: The endings credits, very imaginative.
To Forget: A bit repetitive. The past & present situations are very similar.

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