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The War on Democracy

Australia (2007)

The Australian journalist, John Pilger, present us a documentary about North American presence in South America. From 60’s United States have tried to control every South American government. This is the best way to control commerce, natural resources and economy of Bolivia, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador... Fidel Castro, in Cuba, resisted the USA’s attack; but Cuba had to pay a high price: a commercial block from USA and all its “friends” (UK, France, Canada...) This blocking turned this country into one of the poorest countries in America. Others presidents as Allende in Chile had different luck; USA’s army attacked El Palacio de la Moneda to help to Pinochet to reach the power. Then started one of the bloodiest dictatorships. Augusto Pinochet was accused for crimes against humanity; almost 100.000 human right violations happened during his term of office. It’s specially hard to listen to CIA Latin American Chief (in 80’s) speaking about this situation. He says that was necessary to replace to Allende and that Pinochet’s actions were alright. Other interesting thing is the training area to prepare soldiers experts in South America.

The polemic reporter, John Pilger, born in Sydney but resident in UK, wrote this documentary in 2007. During 96 minutes John shows documents and different interviews; the most remarkable ones are to Chavez and CIA Ex-Chiefs. 100% alternative movie for the first post in 2012. Happy films’ year!

Mark: 8.9

To remember: The interviews to CIA Ex-Chiefs
To forget: Why the UN never does anything against USA?

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