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What's up tiger Lily?

USA (1966)

We are in Japan, with Phil Moscowitz Secret Agent and lover. He is in a mission (lover’s mission) when a girl gets in his car. She is a convict and is running away from prison. She thinks that Phil is a mate. Then she tells to Phil a plan to get a lot of money: stole the eggs salad recipe. This is the best eggs salad recipe in the world. But this is not an easy task. Many people are interested in this recipe. So Phil has to fight with the most dangerous yazuas in Japan. Will Phil beat the bad boys?

Today we have a simple plot for Woody Allen’s first movie. Always I asked myself how the first movie of this genius was. And well, here we go. What’s up tiger Lily is an eccentric, rare, curious, egocentric, funny, strange comedy. Comedy? Really is not a comedy because the original movie is an action movie called: Kokusai himitsu keisatsu: Kagi no kagi. But Woody, as the Chanante’s Mundo Viejuno, re-dubs completely this movie to make an irreverent comedy. He changes character’s name (Teri Yaki, Wing Fat, Cobra Man…), plot and voices. With this debut Allen tries to do an innovative film mix of criticism and fun. With egocentric situations (100% of presence on the credits, comments at the beginning, …) Allen wanted to gain popularity in his first film. This is no good generally; but this case was different cause after What’s Up Tiger Lily, Allen has made 45 movies more and has won 92 awards (Cannes, Berlin, Goya, Oscar, Cesar, BAFTA, Golden Globe,…) Incredible record to this masters of directors.

Mark: 5,8

To remember: The endings credits
To forget: This movie really is a Woody’s joke. It’s not a real Allen’s movie.

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