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Japan (2010)

We're in Tokio, Japan. Yuko is a teacher in a Primary School. She is a substitute teacher. One day she is teaching a lesson and, suddenly, she started to speak about strange things. She told them her daughter died several months ago. Furthermore, she told them her daughter was murdered. Students were very surprised. But the most surprising thing was that the killers were two students. Tow young students in that classroom. She had prepared a terrible revenge. A strong punishment for two very dangerous boys... Then we'll listen to these boys speaking about the same story. Then their mothers. And then, we know the final denouement

Strange Japanese movie, really famous in this country. My Japanese friends have told me this is a “cult” movie in Japan. Actually Kokuhaku (aka Confessions) is a interesting film. With a similar structure than Rashomon, we'll know the Yuko story from different points of view. Tragedy is mixed with poem to tell each reality. Traumas, violence, revenge... A long approach to get a surprising ending. A cruel and savage ending. Is necessary to highlight the music importance; we'll lose intensity and we'll believe that everything is a game. A macabre and bloody game.

Mark: 8

To remember: This tribute to Kurosawa
To forget: Sometimes we lose intensity and the film loses strength.

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