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No habra paz para los malvados

Spain (2011)

Santos Trinidad is a corrupt detective who lives in Madrid. Drunk, violent and impolite, saunters looking for an open bar. One night, in a brothel, he kills tree people and then runaways. The Spanish Police try to catch him but he has deleted all the clues. Then Santos starts to investigate for himself, why the brothel's owner had a lot of money. He had relation with Islamic extremist. Meanwhile, the Police is investigating Santos. But both go in the same way. The same way but different goals. One way, full of violence and hate; another one, with bureaucracy, stupid policemen and to many laws. Very slow way. So Santos methods, of course, are the best “path” to avoid a Tragedy.

No habra paz para los malvados (No Rest for the Wicked, English title), was the absolute winner in Spain in 2011, thank to the 14 national awards, including the most important ones Goya's. Enrique Urbizu films a very serious movie, based on Islamic terrorism; in general. I've read on IMDB a wrong synopsis about the 2004 terrorist bombing in Madrid. This is no real, because the plot is not related to this. The strongest point is the starring, José Coronado, with one of the best performance that I've ever seen. The movie is very intense, full of action and intrigue. However, Urbizu films a thriller with yanki style, where the final result is most important than the details. Personally I prefer crime movies made in France or Spain, with a plot dark and dramatic. But of course this is a great movie that I recommend you if you like good thrillers.

Mark: 8

To Remember: José Coronado. Fantastic. 
To Forget: Sometimes, this movie is too spectacular (It's difficult to believe)

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