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Nude Nuns with Big Guns

USA (2010)

Sister Shara lives in a personal hell. She and her sisters are controlled by the Vatican Mafia. The Father Carlittos is the boss in Mexican Zone. He has network of prostitution and drugs and he uses to the nuns. But Shara won't stand this situation and with several weapons, she will revenge each bad act of the corrupt Catholic Church.

That's all. No more. Very simple plot. Simple, violent, savage, anti-clerical, lout and irreverent movie. Joseph Guzman have tried to film a movie with Robert Rodriguez style but more impolite. The final result is some series of brutal scenes without much meaning. This movie is ideal to watch with your friends if you love the gallows humour. Brutal anti-catholic story with a big problem: there isn't story!

Mark: 4

To Remember: The nuns making coca
To forget: Joseph we're not too stupid, dude! We love violent stories, but we need a story!

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