viernes, octubre 19, 2012

22 Bullets

France (2010)

Charlie Matei is a retired mafioso. He is living in Marseille. Now his life is very quite and peaceful. However, his life was very different before. He was a dangerous criminal: a killer, a thief, a fraudster... But now Charlie is a little bit old man. He prefers pace than war. Everybody respect him and he is very happy with his family. Nevertheless enemies are always enemies; most of the people would like to kill Charlie. In fact, they tried it. In a garage, an armed band shot 22 bullets on Matei's body. Surprisingly, he didn't die. Now there's only one thing on his mind: Revenge.

Jean Reno stars this french production. It's directed by the Parisian Richard Berry. Initially it looks like a great action movie with French taste. However, under this appearance there is a basic movie with a very, very simple plot. The typical revenge movie with good action scenes. Only this. Of course is not the best Reno's movie.

Mark: 6.4

To Remember: The action scenes
To Forget: The rest

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