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The King of Kong

USA (2007)

This is the Steve Wiebe's story. But is not about his life or his family. Not. This story is related to video games. Maybe Playstation games? Or 3D games? Maybe modern Kinect games? Not. Steve loves a classical video game: Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is an Arcade machine by Nintendo made in 1981. It had an incredible success in USA and Japan. Actually, its main characters, Mario (Jumpman) and Donkey Kong are starring in many, many modern video games. If it's interesting the story of that video game more interesting is the story of its records. For many years an expert gamer called Billy Mitchell hold the record with more than 900.000 points. It was in 1984. Mitchell, also, was the first person to achieve a perfect Pac-Man score (3.333.360 points) Nowadays, he holds only one world record, the Donkey Kong one. Billy lives in L.A. And he has a franchise of restaurants. He's a successful people, proud and arrogant. He is a natural winner. On the other hand, Steve is a humble man. He loves his family, his friends, his piano and, of course, play video games. Now he has bought an original Donkey Kong arcade. Every day play and play to get an impossible goal: to reach Billy's record. His figures are incredible and he goes to play to the most important events. He beat to Billy but Billy will try to discredit him. Who will be the winner?
The King of Kong is not only a documentary about Billy's or Steve's life. Is a documentary about video games, about how this new way of life was growing for decades. Nowadays they are widely accepted by people. But in the past, it was and “underground” world. Some fans tried to “professionalize” this activity. For people like me, Spanish, is “SciFi” that in 80's there were video games' competitions. This was possible in USA. In fact, all the players are North Americans. They speak about the best player ever, the Pac-Man record-man, the Donkey Kong record-man, etc. Only Americans appear in that lists. Anyway, The King of Kong tells a video gamers story. A (American) world of passion, clever people, freak people and, of course, dirty people. To sum up, it's a very original documentary, that speak about an interesting topic and it will show you very curious things about the origin of video games.
Mark: 8

To Remember: The first video games fans. Good retrospective with old pictures and videos.
To Forget: Sometimes the Wiebe vs Mitchell battle is boring.

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