viernes, octubre 12, 2012

God Bless America

USA (2011)

In America everything is special. Movies, reality shows, news, people... For Frank, a normal American, this kind of “special America” is terrible. Only stupid people, on stupid TV programs, following to stupid leaders. Frank always tries to explain that is possible an America more “intellectual”; everybody laughs. That's bad; but is ok, he was born in USA and he has to accept his society. The problem is that now he has been fired because his fat secretary accused him of sexual harassment. God shake! His ex-wife has get married again and his daughter only wants money and material things. Furthermore, his doctor tells him he has a lethal cancer. Everything is wrong in his life. The best solution: to commit suicide. He was a soldier and he has a gun. One shot and finish... But why don't try a better solution? Instead of killer himself maybe is better to kill stupid people like reality starring, priests, extremists or fascists. Yes, it will be a great idea...

Wow! It's a very good example of “Pinicula” One of the best Piniculas that I've commented ever. God Bless America has all of ingredients to appear on this blog: it's alternative, acid, ironic, subversive, dirty, different, intelligent, with gallows humor and with good music. It has been a good surprise. It's has been written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. Maybe is not a famous director. But everybody knows as actor: Zed, the heavy crazy cop in Police Academy. Yes, this stupid character is in the reality a very clever writer / director. Because GBA is not only another radical movie. It has very intensive script; it looks like Reservoir Dogs but with intellectual dialogs. Intellectual from the point of view of society. This movie tells the reality in a country, USA, where the people loves reality shows with stupid young/rich people, where extremists are heroes, where religion is more important than life and where nobody respect to nobody. The director is very explicit; the main idea is clear: kill stupids. However, the movie never is “conventional”. Each situation is a surprise and always the script is more important than the easy joke. But it's not a serious movie; actually, it uses gallows humor all the time. It's difficult to qualify; I could say is a mix among American Beauty + Reservoir Dogs + True Romance + Ghost World

Mark: 9.3

To Remember: The begining. Tremendous!
To Forget: It's not only USA. Unfortunately, these situations are too familiar for us.

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