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Murder She Said

UK (1961)

 Miss Murple is in a train. She comes back to home after a shopping expedition. Before arrives, the train “passes” another train. Looking out of the window, Miss Murple sees how somebody is killing a woman. Quickly, she goes to speak with the ticket inspector and they call the police. However, when the train arrives, there's nobody dead inside. It's very strange. Scotland Yard's Inspector thinks maybe the corpse is only in Murple's imagination. But Murple is very stubborn and she'll look into this case until the end.

First Miss Murple movie starring by Margaret Rutherford. Margaret stared in 3 movies more (as Murple): Murder at the Gallop, Murder Most Foul and Murder ahoy. They were very successful films in 60's. Murder She Said and the others films, have the same “ingredients”: Mystery, strange situations, comedy and, of course, crimes. The mix between Agatha Christie's stories and Rutherford performances was genial. If Sherlock Holmes has Basil Rathmore's face, of course, Miss Marple always will be Margaret Rutherford. With regard to this movie, it is like a Miss Murple play with a intensive plot and a surprising ending. Old school movie for lovers of mystery stories.

Mark: 7.8

To remember: Of course, Miss Murple with Margaret Rutherford: nosy old woman, clever and brave. To forget: Maybe, too much dialogues.

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