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Japan (1961)

 Sanjuro Kuwabatake is a Samurai in the Japan of Post-Feudal age. Of course, he's a really good sword-man. And yes, he is very honourable man. The problem is he hasn't an owner; he is his “own owner”. The honour is less important than get food. He's like a mercenary. He arrives to a small town, traditional one, in the countryside. There's a strange fight between the two more powerful men in the village. There are two clans and they're looking for controlling the town. For this reason, to contract to Sanjuro will be a good chance to win the battle. But Sanjuro doesn't have owner now; for him this battle is stupid. However it's a good opportunity to get free food and, mainly, drink. He'll wait until taking a decision. But, there's very bad people in that village; if he spend too much time there he could die...

Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece filmed in 1961. It's like a western in the old Japan. Very slow plot, very similar shots and very, very interesting music. Comedian music for this action movie. The star, Toshiro Mifune (Best Actor in Venice), does an incredible performance mix of comedian and fighter. He looks like a Tarantino character (I mean, Tarantino's characters looks like Kurosawa's ones). This movie speaks about honour, tradition, betrayal and, of course, Japan. It looks simple; however the Kurosawa's merit is to film a Samurai's movie with a new perspective: real characters, very “humans”, with special features and funny details. Definitely, a reference for the next movies made in Hollywood, mainly, Westerns.

Mark: 8.6

To Remember: The Japanese female band playing in a wardrobe
To Forget: Always in the same town...

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