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The Rum Diary

USA (2011)

Paul Kemp is a New Yorker journalist that goes to Puerto Rico to work for the local newspaper. In 1960's that country is not controlled by USA yet. Kemp tries to work as a professional. However, it's very difficult, because he doesn't have much money. It is the first problem. But the most important one is his addiction to Rum. He drinks a lot. Every day, every time. He is all the time in parties. In one of this parties meets Sanderson. He is a very rich Yankee. He is trying to expropriate lands to locals. It will be the beginning of American control. Kemp is not agree with Sanderson; he thinks Sanderson is a stupid. However Paul envy Sanderson because his girlfriend. Chenault, is really beautiful; Paul is in love. Chenault is too wild, Sanderson is too powerful, Puerto Rico is so dangerous, and, of course, Rum is too strong. How will be Paul Kemp ending?

Real story starring by Johnny Depp. It's funny to see Depp as a loser alcoholic; I think he is much better with this scripts than with stupid pirates ones. Anyway, with a very simple plot the director (Bruce Robinson) gets a crazy atmosphere full of party. Party and Rum. You feel like a pioneer in the old Puerto Rico. Other strong point is about the Island before America and how Yankees “sharks” got the control of this Island (currently is an USA associate State). However it's a secondary story in the crazy life of Kemp. It's a pity because the American takeover is a topic very interesting and It would have been a good opportunity to speak about it.

Mark: 7,3

To Remember: The scene with the police and fire. Hilarious.
To Forget: A simple plot.

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