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UK (2009)

A group of friends go to enjoy a trip in Atlantic Ocean. Everything is fine until a strange storm stop their yacht. Suddenly they are in a place full of ships; they are abandoned. In one of this ships there is a man. The friends go to this boat looking for help. However, there is nobody inside. They decide to investigate. They listen to noises, people runs and shouting. The situation is getting worse and everybody is scared. Jess, the youngest member of the “team”, try to find the solution of this mystery. But she'll realised it's not a common ship; there reality is different and life is like a Triangle where dead is not the ending and the salvation is not at the beginning, or maybe yes...

Interesting British-Australian co-production, mix of horror, mystery and science-fiction. Director, Christopher Smith (Severance), try to show a possible explanation about Bermuda's Triangle Mystery. With a very original idea, Smith film an alternative reality where is impossible to run away. Nobody is conscious about this “special” reality; only the star (a beautiful Melissa George) realises that something strange is happening in her world. And she tries to change the parameters, but equation still being the same. A really good fantastic movie with a brilliant main idea. An idea too ambitious, because film a story with many parallel realities is very complex. However the final result is not too bad although there are several loose ends without explanation.

Mark: 7,8

To Remember: The idea: interesting and complex
To Forget: Story has some loose ends

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