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USA (2012)

A Chinese exceptionally gifted girl (Mei) is sending to USA to help Chinese Mafia. She is brilliant with figures. She memorises a strange number sequence for the Boss. This sequence looks very important and many criminal bands want to get the child. Luke Wright, a violent ex-cop, meets the girl. Luke is a homeless man, without money and without hope. But he is a good fighter and very good with weapons. Corrupt policemen, Russian Mafia, Chinese Mafia... everyone want to kill Mei. However she is very lucky cause Luke is with her. Lukeshates everybody and everybody hates Luke. Mei and her numbers will be a great excuse to start a big battle.

Good action movie directed by Boaz Yakin. In my opinion, one of the best action movies of 2012. However it has been unfairly treated by public; It has had a modest box-office (only 50% of its budget). With great chasing scenes, credible fights and non-conventional plot, Safe is a good option if you want to enjoy with an action movie. Of course is not a masterpiece because script is really easy, actors are not too good and the ending is not a surprise, but on its genre Safe is a great choice.

Mark: 7.2

To Remember: Jason Statham
To Forget: The other actors

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