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Japan (2001)

An University of Tokio student disappears suddenly. In his room many computers and strange programs. Ryosuke, a friend, catches some software and tries on his computer. A sinister video appears on the screen. There is a man with a mask in a dark room: the forbidden room. Ryosuke looks for help at the University. An IT professional.tries to explain why this program is connecting to Internet and showing that images. While, more people is disappearing; it's like a plague. Maybe because a simulation at IT department. The world of the deaths are in the real world. Is it possible?

Great fantastic movie 100% Japanese thriller. In 2001 Kiyoshi Kurosawa directed this visionary film about Internet, networking and ghosts. An impossible mix, with a very good final result. It's a young movie, with bad actors and interesting plot. Visual effects have high quality as well. The movie has parts of mystery, parts of horror and parts of science. It is like Matrix in a paranormal plain. Interesting movie for fans of fantastic films.

Mark: 7.7

To Remember: The (real) ghosts
To Forget: Actors

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