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The Invention of Dr. Nakamats

 Denmark (2009)

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Yoshsiro Nakamatsu! This famous inventor is one of the most important ones in the history. He has more than double patents than Edison. In this documentary Nakamatsu show some of his latest inventions: the taxi-bike with a water engine, the smallest vehicle or the invisible bra. But what's his secret? Nakamatsu has a special diet, sleeps 4 hours per day, make inventions under water and uses Cerebrex (his invention to improve brains). So with 83 years, he tries to live until 144 and gets 7.000 patents.

Interesting Danish film about one of the most important scientific in the history. Unfortunately he is not too famous around the world because he is not Yankee. However he is most important than Edison or Tesla, with inventions like floppy disc, dvd/cd, taximeter, water engine, karoke, digital watch or cinemascope. Is really curious to know how is this eccentric man; arrogant, perfectionist and hard worker. With a Nobel Price, 13 Innovation Awards and hundred of thousand of Yens in Royalties, Nakamatsu is a real star. This is a simple documentary to show us a very special individual: the Dr. Nakamats.


To Remember: Nakamatsu's office
To Forget: Nakamatsu wearing underwear

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