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Red State

USA (2011)

We are in an American village full of rednecks. Some homosexuals have been killed there. It's not important for the people. They were only gays. This situation changes when Travis and his friends went with a whore. She was not a real whore; she was a member of a violent sect. This sect looks like a normal church. However its members are crazy people full of weapons. Police will try to stop them. But they are like small army and the police, with only a handful of men, will have to use the most extreme actions to stop them.

Controversial Kevin Smith's movie filmed in 2011. It was the winner at Sitges festival in this year. Red State has many different stages: at the beginning looks like a thriller, after like a horror movie, then like an action movie and it finishes like a drama. Strange mix made in Kevin Smith. The final result is an interesting movie, with a very strong main idea (fundamentalist in USA + weapons = massacre), with a serious plot but with a too easy ending. I mean, at the beginning Red State is an original film mix of thriller and horror; but when everything is clear, the movie turn into a simple action movie full of violence and black humour. Red State is the first Smith's movie far away from comedy, violent and, unfortunately, too real. Fanatics and weapons are bad mix in The States. Fanatics in different contexts: religion or police.

Mark: 7.8
To Remember: Dialogues.
To Forget: Some situations are too extreme.

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