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Django Unchained

USA (2012)

The story starts when Django, a black slave, meet Dr. King Schultz. He releases Django because he needs information about an outlaw. Yes, because Schultz is bounty hunter and he needs a deputy. After a long travel they arrives in Calvin Candie's plantation. Candies is a savage southern landowner. He owns many slaves, but one is specially valuable for Django: his wife Broomhilda. Schultz and Django will try to release her. It's a difficult mission; everything was well until Schultz commited a mistake: to shack the wrong hand.

Tarantino filmed in 2012 a new successful movie. A “spaghetti western” with his peculiar point of view. 100% made in Tarantino (there is another Django movie, filmed in 1966, but it's absolutely different one) Django Unchained keep the rules of the best westerns. I could say Django has characteristics from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Wild Bunch and Unforgiven, with a new perspective from Tarantino's mind. And, in my opinion, it's the big problem of this film. The first 140 minutes are perfect: intensives, dramatics and full of great dialogues. However, the last part of the movie is a disaster. Tarantino tries to please his fans with a “Tarantino's ending”: hooligan and extreme. This was unnecessary because It's changes the story's focus. A great movie with a great plot ends like a commercial one. Tarantino, Django is not Iron Man and you are not Paul W.S. Anderson (thank God!)

Mark: 8.3

To Remember: The plot and cast.
To Forget: Of course, the ending (perfect for a Resident Evil movie not for Django).

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