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Survive Style 5+

Japan (2004)
We are in Japan. Five different group of people are clichés of 21st century population. First of all there is a crazy couple; all the time arguing. He kills his partner and she resurrect once and again. Then there is a happy family: father, mother and 2 children. Everything was perfect until a hypnotist converts the father's mind into a bird mind. The third position is for a typical business people. An advertising professional who only makes up stupid advertisement. The fourth group of people are 3 students. Without any job, without money and without home. The last stereotype is for criminals; 2 gangsters: one Japanese (a translator) and another one English. The English one is a philosopher Mafioso. All together survive in Tokio across the most surrealist situations.

Five bizarre stories about modern society. The stupidity and materialism are our gods. Disconnected movie full of funny situations and good music. The director shows eccentric people in the most rare circumstances: a manager trying to fly, a dead woman throwing fire by her mouth, a skinny man eating tons of food, a Mafioso asking about life meaning, a group of young people living in houses of others... Impossible mix with a strange final result. The best things are images, music and interior sets (too psychedelic). The worst, its nonsense plot; if you love experimental cinema, you should watch Survive Style 5+.

Mark: 7.2

To remember: Vinnie Jones speaking with a broccoli.
To forget: The story about young people.

To Remember: Vinnie Jones speaking with a broccoli.
To Forget: The story about young people.

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