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Bad Timing

UK (1980)

Milena is a hysterical woman, depressed and alcoholic. During a travel in Vienna she collapsed and she was brought to the hospital by her boyfriend Alex. It seems clear It was a suicide attempt. However Inspector Netusil thinks in a different way. For him this situation is very strange. The only one suspect is Alex; but Alex is an honourable psychologist. How is possible this man tries to kill his girlfriend? We should to come back and check the Alex & Milena past. A past full of bizarre love stories, mix of passion, alcohol and sex. Netusil will investigate inside Alex mind. “The hunter hunted” Alex will have to fight again his own imagination to find what is happened with his life; Netusil won't stop until the true is clear.

Curious movie filmed in 1980. The famous singer Art Garfunkel and Harvey Keitel starred this film. Art Garfunkel, a music icon, quiet and serious artist, performs a character psychotic and sex-addict. This performance is not too good; however, his partners, Keitel and Theresa Russell, help to keep the movie's quality. An “irregular” movie, sometimes brilliant sometimes irreverent. It could be a mix between The Trip by Corman and Blue Velvet by Lynch. I recommend this movie for lovers of American thrillers with a touch of sex and paranoid.
Mark: 6.9

To Remember: Garfunkel as a dirty sex addict
To Forget: The plot. The director tried to film a psychological thriller but he got a commercial (sexual) one, thanks to the easy plot.

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