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Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

USA (2012)

This documentary starts in Milwaukee, United States. In a school for the Deaf, a Catholic One, the father Lawrence Murphy is accused of paedophilia. Several former students explain how this priest practice different kind of sex with them. Strong testimonials narrated by famous actors. Yes, because the majority of this students are mute. A terrible beginning as introduction of the main topic: Vatican never judges crimes against children. From USA, the director “jump” to Europe. Many diverse cases in everywhere: Ireland, Italy, France... Same situation, same response from Vatican. In fact, priests from North America and Ireland were processed by ordinary justice. The Pope and their bishops only tried to hide this behaviours. Actually they spend millions of dollars to hide people such as Lawrence Murphy. This film speaks about the former Pope John Paul II and the latest one, Benedict XVI. This one was the main responsible of “manage” all sexual abuses cases inside the Church. He analysed each one and reported directly to the Pope. So, he was aware of all sexual crimes of their priests. On the other hand, John Paul II cover up the Vatican Treasurer for many years. Days after John Paul's death he was accused for more than 100 abuses.

Shocking story about one of the most important problems in the Catholic church. A social complaint against an institution which works as Mafia. Bishops, Cardinals and the Pope have hidden sexual abuses against children for many, many years. This documentary shows only a few cases. This cases are narrated by direct witnesses, victims and colleagues. On the other hand, lawyers and families presents several evidence of priests' crimes. In conclusion a very god film of Alex Gibney. Maybe would be necessary and additional point of view. However, Vatican refused to speak with the director.
A highly recommendable film.

Mark: 9.2

To Remember: Lest we forget. It is a very serious and meticulous investigation documentary.
To Forget: Nothing. The only one place for pederasts is Jail.

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