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USA (2012)

In a small village close to Mexico, Ellis lives with his mother and a “mystical” guy called Goat Man. This individual takes care of Ellis' garden (basically of marijuana plants), smokes pots and breeds goats. Ellis is just 15 years old but he is an experienced person manly thanks to Goat Man's advice. When Ellis is accepted at the University, he will take advantage of that advice in order to survive in the new environment. The most difficult thing will be to stop smoking weed. The second challenge will be to meet his father, far away from the family for several years. The final obstacle is Wendy, his mother, who is in love with stupid man. Everything is chaotic and the only coherent people in this story seems the Goat Man. However, during Ellis' holidays, the Goat Man disappear near Mexico's border while he was running away from drug dealers. Then, suddenly, Ellis is aware of his new situation: he becomes adult and now he must face problems instead of ignoring it while he smokes marijuana.

Irreverent comedy starred by David Duchovny and directed by Christopher Neil, a débutante. Clearly, it's a immature film with inconsistent scenes and easy dialogues. However, the main idea is interesting: a young guy who fights against his reality using drugs and following the advice of a stoned goatherd. The first part of the movie is very funny. Basically all the action in the village is a lot of fun. However, Ellis' life at the University is a typical adolescent drama with posh people drinking because they are riches and misfortunes. In general it is a good comedy, entertaining but without any complexity.
Mark: 6.9

To Remember: The mom's boyfriend. He is hilarious
To Forget: Ellis life after the Goat Man. It sucks!

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