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Sullivan's Travels

USA (1941)

John Sullivan is a rich man that works in the cinema world; specifically he is a movie director. His films don't have a good reception by the public. But his position like VIP, let him make movies all the time. The producers encourage John for make a commercial story; but the men only thinks in the perfect work. Now has had the last eccentric idea: go to the poorest street in USA and mix with the homeless people for know their situation and then shoot a film. All the people said to John that change his opinion, but the man, will go to the underground area wearing old clothes. Then, he has an accident and loses his documentation and the memory for a moment. The news papers think that John dead and the rich man will have to learn what is the poverty and what need the normal people.

Sullivan's Travels is a classic film directed by Preston Sturges. The history describes the life of a millionaire man that has all that he needs in this world. But isn't happy; needs experiment the real life; the life of the common people. Sturges tells about how was a rich man in the USA society and the real miseries that the capitalism produces. Poor people, sleeping like animals, without food neither work; all this in the powerful North America. Hard images than could be from India or Africa, but no, are from United States. A good reflection about the really important things and, maybe also, about the distance between the cinema directors and the common public.

Mark: 8

Remember: The homeless images sleeping together.
Forget: Obviously, the love history; hasn't relation with the rest of the film.

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