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13 Assassins

Japan (2010)

In the old Japan, Shoguns (feudal Lords) controlled the country. Sometimes they were very violent and bloody. This is the case of Lord Naritsugu. This man, kills people only for pleasure. He doesn't believe in Samurai's honour. He only wants power. Now, he is going to sign an agreement to control the most important Japanese Areas. After this act, Naritsugu will be the most powerful man in Japan. He will travel with his personal army: more than 200 men. Somebody would have to stop him. A few true Samurais are ready to fight. But are only 12; 12 against 200. This is a crazy battle. Samurai's Army will prepare a good plan to try to win the battle. In the way, they find a new man: a strange country bumpkin that throw stones skilfully. That way, 12 Samurais + 1 farmer will try to to beat to a big Army..

Spectacular Japanese production, directed by the most interesting Asian director: Takashi Miike. Takashi is the new genius in the seventh art. Meanwhile Lynch or Almodovar continue doing movies with the same style, Miike can do western, sci-fi, horror, drama, crime, musical and, how in this case, epic films.13 Assassins is a tribute to Kurosawa and his 7 Samurais. With the same idea, our movie tells about honour and revenge. With a poetic plot, mix of violence and history, 13 assassins transport us several centuries ago, when Shoguns rule Japan. Impeccable old Japan recreation, incredible fight scenes and serious script for this master piece of that genius called Takashi Miike.

Mark: 9

To Forget: Sometimes spectator can think that this is a simple story. But, in the end, you know that you have seen a master piece.

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