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USA (1949)

Leonora is a common girl that lives in the USA. Her dream is to become famous. Be rich. But this is not easy. A girl alone has few opportunities; the easiest thing is to work as fashion model. Leonora spends all her money in an academy. In the morning she goes to the academy and in the afternoon she works as assistant in a big shop. The
best way to success is to go parties and to try to “catch” a rich husband. But this is only theory. When a Millionaire organizes a party he wants a lot of models only for fun. Sex, relaxing and after, good bye! Leonora knows this and she doesn’t want to play this game. But that is the only way to fame. Finally, she accepts an invitation to a big party in the Smith Ohlrig yacht. Smith is an eccentric Millionaire with psychological problems. By chance, he knows Leonora. He tries to have sex with her but she rejects him. Then he is surprised and immediately decides to get married with her. At the beginning she was very, very happy, because she was a successful person. At least she was it for the society. Rich, young, with an
important husband… all her dreams become reality. However few months after the wedding she will need other kind of things. Mainly love. Mr. Ohlrig is a busy man and his businesses are his first priority. His personal life is in background. Leonora needs kisses, attention, fond… but Ohlrig only can give her money; a lot of money. Leonora
realizes that this is not him successful concept and try to found a job in “the real world”. She starts to work in a medical centre and she is very happy. One of the doctors is in love of her. But the problem is that she remains married Smith. And Smith is a difficult man for dealing. What will append at the end?

Classic Master piece directed by Max Ophuls. This movie is a rare mix between Drama and Film-Noir. Characters, atmosphere and situations are from Film-Noir genre but plot is 100% dramatic. The final result is very good: a serious and (surprisingly) actual story with Film-Noir “flavour” Leonora has the typical lazy capitalist mind: get money
without work. As girl, he tries to work in easy jobs, like model, shop assistant, etc. But finally, Leonor prefers other values, like love or respect. She represents the female ambition; the most extreme female ambition.
Good performances, mainly from a very young James Manson. The worst thing is the ending: a bit confuse and very fast . But, however, right and surprisingly. In general, a good (dense) movie.

Mark: 8.1

To remember: The plot. Very serious.
To forget: The last 5 minutes.

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