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El Bosc

España (2012)

We are in a small town in the border between Aragon and Catalonia. The Spanish government is managed by Republicans (Second Spanish Republic). Now everything is different in the country. The left wing has the power and they try to destroy upper-class people. Coixo and his wife, Dora, have a small farm and a big house in the country side. Because of this, they are a main objective for Republicans. Ramon, an old Dora's friend, is falling in love with her and he wants to kill Coixo. Now the life is very difficult for the farmer's family. The only one solution is to run away into the “lights”. It is a bright ball of energy that appears in the middle of the forest. Nobody has come back from inside the ball. But Coixo is too brave and he promises Dora that he will come back. Six months later he is again in Spain. The world on the other side is completely different: people like fishes who live in artichokes, a peaceful society and food for free everywhere...

Today in Piniculas we have an alternative movie mix of realism and fantasy. El Bosc narrates the story of a typical family of farmers in Catalonia before The Civil War. The “Red” army tries to destroy any “trace” of “classic power”: Religion, Royalty, upper-class families, etc. On the other hand, fascists prepare an army in order to defend these institutions. Meanwhile, in Europe there is another different war. The common people in Spain is not interested in any of these wars. The movie is a mixture of comedy, drama, analysis of Spanish Society, history and Science Fiction! The final result is 'heterogeneous' film with a few good ideas. This project is too ambitious project for a 'low cost movie'.

Mark: 6.4

To remember: When Coixo is describing the 'other world'. Really funny. To forget: Too much ideas in the same context.

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