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L'armée des ombres

  France (1969)

During the Nazi occupation in France, 1942, Philippe Gerbier was arrested by German army. After killing a soldier, Gerbier runs away from Nazis and starts a new organitzation: French Resistance. The main objective of this organisation is to fight again Nazis from France. Gerbier and his colleagues prepare different actions to try to get the control of main French cities. However, the Resistance is not an idealistic group but they are a very anarchical institution. The Allies don't trust in them and the main members of Resistance are common people instead of professional soldiers. The tragic ending is very likely.

Masterpiece about the WWII in France. Jean-Pierre Melville adapted J. Kessel novel to film one of the most interesting War Films I have ever seen. With an extreme realism, Melville shows a quite France ruled by Nazis. Population is not aware of the real situation and just a brave group of people tries to beat the enemy. This group was the famous Resistance, a professional and smart underground army. However reality was different: Resistance's missions are 'botched jobs' and its members are violent people who kill without compassion. An original point of view for this movie which eliminates any romantic aspect of the War.

Mark: 9.4

To Remember: The tape for the glasses when Gerbier is going to jump from the plane. Good example of the film's accuracy.
To Forget: It may be a too long story.

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