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The Believer

USA (2001)

A group of Neo-Nazis set in New York are attacking Jewish people. The most violent one is called Danny Balint. Danny is the leader and representative of the fascist Newyorker community. He works with Moebious family looking for wiping out Judaism from the society. But, why this extreme anti-Semitic behaviour in the USA? Surprisingly, a few years ago, Danny was a brilliant Jewish student. However he couldn't understand this religion. Due to it, his community was very intolerant with him. Now, it is the moment for revenge. Danny wants to fight against his former fellowship. With a “nazi fancy dress” he will try to eliminate his religious frustrations. But, what will happen when his companions are aware of his Jewish past?

Very curious film about a particular Nazi-Jewish man. Based on the true story of a KKK member in the 1960s, The Believer gives us an important reflection about Religion and hate. Danny is the paradigm of a renegade. He hates religion because he can't understand it. It's a complex problem for young-adult people like Danny. Furthermore, the starring is so passionate and he transforms passion in violence. Brilliant and valiant script to discuss about a Judaism. It looks like a “perfect religion” full of peace, harmony and honour. It's a taboo to place in doubt anything related to this ancient thinking. However there are a lot of questions and 'black spots' around of this culture. Criticise it is not a crime.

Mark: 8.3

To Remember: The restaurant conversation
To Forget: The intensity is decreasing

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