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Spain (2011)

Maktub is an Arabic world that means “It is written”. Manolo and Bea are a typical Spanish middle-upper class couple. Their life is perfect: they have a beautiful house, two wonderful children and don't have economical issues. However, they are not happy. Bea has an affair and Manolo is all the time depressed. Manolo's life is a disaster until, by chance, he meets Antonio. Antonio is a terminal Cancer patient, full of life an energy. Surprisingly, he is all the time in a good mood, singing and giving pieces of advice. Manolo can't understand how it's possible; Antonio has a serious disease but he is happier than Manolo's family. The fate is very 'capricious' and thanks to Antonio and his miserable existence, Manolo's world will change and everybody will realises the life is wonderful...

Paco Arango filmed this 'Christmas Tale' in 2011. The director tries to show how the human stupidity can be infinity. The modern upper-class families have everything but they are not happy: money, work, love and the most important thing, health. From a personal point of view, Arango, 'builds' commercial (easy) drama with 'dose' of Spanish comedy. It is the best feature of this movie: how a serious story (based on a true character) can be funny and kind. A good “formula” to entertain general people. However this film may be a bit simple for spectators who are looking for something different.

Mark: 7.9

To Remember: A new point of view of the classic melodrama. The story is funny and emotive.
To Forget: Of course, Jorge Garcia starring in Lost. Is he a real actor? I can't believe it!

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