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Thin Ice

USA (2011)

 In Wisconsin (USA) an insurance agent (Mike) try to sell a policy to a retired farmer, Gorvy. When he is in Gorvy's house, Mike realises that the farmer has a valuable violin (25.000$). However Gorvy doesn't know that instrument is too expensive. Mike will try to buy it for 10$! Gorvy looks stupid but he is very clever. He prefers to wait for an expert opinion. Mike is very worried. However he has a 'brilliant' plan: to buy a cheap violin and have an exchange. It's very easy because Gorvy will be in Chicago for a couple of days. But Mike doesn't know that Gorvy has installed an alarm system. Everything will be complicated when the crazy alarms' installer appears in the house.

In 2011 the American director Jill Sprecher filmed this funny movie in her home-town, Wisconsin. Thin Ice is a 'black comedy' with big doses of mystery. The film looks more like British or Canadian one due to its 'freshness'. With elements of the best Guy Richie and classic movies such as The Sting, Thin Ice is an entertaining piece with very funny moments and an original ending. It 's a really good election.

Mark: 7.8

To remember: The alarms installer. He is hilarious. 
To forget: The ending is a little predictable.

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