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Children of Men

UK/USA (2006)

In the near future, the human rage is endanger. All women are sterile and the youngest person is 18. In this situation, the governments are taking desperate measures. The streets have been taken by the police. All is chaos and violence. But, an activist group has an important secret that must be protected: the only one woman pregnant in the world. Julian call to Theo Faron asking help. Estrange interests have appear around of this baby. Theo try help to Julian; however terrorist bands want to the new mother and don't stop until get the new human. Faron will be involved in a sad fight between the power and the survival. One fight that will stop when the a baby cry sounds louder than a shot.

New scifi classic with Spanish accent. Alfonso Cuaron directs this British production. With a big budget, Cuaron achieves to create an apolitical atmosphere in a London devastated and violent. The anguish go increasing until the ending; an ending encouraging and unknown. Whit an impeccable production and special support actors like Michael Cane or Julianne Moore, Children of Men was one of the most important movies in 2006. This film won 20 awards and got other 27 nominations.

Mark: 8

To remember: The message to the human race: direct and violent.
To forget: When the original plot is development, the story is a bit simple.

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