domingo, agosto 21, 2011

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Australia (1975)

In a strict girl school based in Victoria (Australia), the students are thinking in Valentine's Day. The school's director, Mrs. Appleyard, is preparing a trip to a beautiful local area: Hanging Rock. The girls are very nervous because this kind of activities aren't normal. All the class, including our starring Miranda, Marion and Irma, go to Hanging Rock to do a picnic. Then, when arrive to the place, the three girls decide go to climb a mountain. When the picnic finishes, all students are in the wagon except the girls. Looked for them but there was no trace of the girls. Before dark, the rest of the students returned to the school. The next day a police patrol went to Hanging Rock to look for schoolgirls but without success. Different clues appears near the rock. All the clues pointed to the dead. But maybe exist a little hope of finding the girls alive. What happened at the ending?

From Australia arrives to our blog a very strange movie. Directed by a young Peter Weir, Picnic at Hanging Rock show us a false true story. Original approach with a simple plot. The movie speak about feelings and behaviours of the Australian people in the beginning of the 20th Century. A tragedy brought out people's ghoulish instincts. The best thing for the spectator is thinking that all the story is true. When the movie finishes is difficult knowing 100% if the story it's false or not. That's the most interesting (and innovative, remember the year 1975) value. The rest is like a typical “TV-Movie drama”.

Mark: 7

To remember: The (false) true story. Very original.
To forget: It's a common drama. Nothing new in the script.

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