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Mary and Max

Australia (2009)

Mary was born in the 70's in a Melbourne's suburb. She was a common girl: mediocre in the school, without friends and with a sad familiar situation. Her father was always working and her mother only thought in drinking. Her only friend was a chicken that she found in his garden. One day, she had a strange idea: Writing to a boy in USA for asking a question about birth of babies. Randomly, she looked for a address in the New York phone guide and sent a letter to Max Jerry Horovitz. The chance wanted that this person was a “special” person. Max suffers from Asperger's Syndrome (a kind of autism) and he is very disconcerted with the Mary's letter. However, Max decides reply to Mary and try answering to all her questions. This is the beginning of a long “distance friendship” for 20 years. The “platitude” of the Max's responses, will help to Mary to save her life and she will be a successful psychologist.

From Australia arrives to our blog a “little work of art”. Nowadays, inside of the “commercial” cinema, it success USA's “false” adult animation movies like UP or Toy Story; but in the end this movies are great films oriented to children. With Mary and Max I have finally seen one real adult and profound film. Based in a real history, Mary and Max was one of the best “alternative” films in 2009. Strange, comic, emotive and different feature film that won the Crystal bear in Berlin Festival and is ranking on the #196 in IMDB. Indispensable film that will excite you and will make you laugh.

Mark: 9.5

To Remember: The Max explanation about the baby's origin depending on religion.
To Forget: Maybe the "cross-letter" structure is a bit repetivive.

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