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2009 (USA)

In the Sixties a capsule is buried in a USA School. Every student drew their predictions for future. A girl, Lucinda, only write a large serial of number. All the people thought that Lucinda was crazy. Nowadays, 50 years after, in the same school the teachers open the capsule for knowing what were the predictions in the past. Imaginative ideas, impossible things, true predictions and a paper with many numbers. This paper is given to Caleb; Caleb is John's son. John is a scientific from MIT. When the man analyzes the Lucinda's notes, watches that the numbers aren't a random list of number else that it's possible that they are dates/times of tragic events. John looks into the possibilities and why Lucinda write it. Step by step he knows that the list is a warning for the human rage. But, how send it? What is the meaning?

SciFi film 100% Alex Proyas. In this case other multimillionaire production after the box office hit I, Robot. Good movie with the best ingredients of Alex Proyas: Dark atmosphere, perfect images, unpredictable ending, hypnotic characters... However this film is “easier” than his other classics like Dark City or The Crow. The interesting plot is irregular, mixing complex situation and incoherent facts. All of this for go to an impressive ending, without fear, direct and erasing the continuous “commercial situations” that appear in the course of the film.

Mark: 7,4

To Remember: The ending.
To Forget: Where are the last numbers. Possible in 0.01%.

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