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Japan (2010)

In Tokio, two friends (Massaru & Kei) meet again after many years separated. They were very good friends on primary school. Their meeting was not normal: Massaru is in the Subway trying to help to a drunk man. He has a problem and Kei runs to rescue him. But was too late, because the metropolitan kill them. But, was it a real death? Suddenly, they appear in a estrange room in a flat. It looks like another life. Some people are in the same room and a big black ball called Gantz, is writing messages on a screen. Incredible! But the most incredible thing is after 30 minutes in that room, they are moved to the street; to an alternative Tokio. For what? They have a mission: to kill to a powerful alien. This is really strange. If they survive, they can start again in the real world, with the same life but with a new rol: If Gantz needs them, they have to move to the Gantz “Universe”

Original Japanese movie based on the comic / animated series with the same name. Gantz is a scifi movie that drives you crazy! Strange people in a room, maybe dead, a black ball with a bald man inside, a green kid walking on the street... It's very interesting for 60 minutes. After the first hour, the plot is a little boring and repetitive. However there's a mysterious about starring. Spectator is waiting for the final outcome; but it's not in this movie!! You have to see the second part to know why everything is happened. My advice: to watch animated series instead of this movie.

Mark: 6.3

To remember: The main idea. Brilliant. 
To forget: The poor final result.

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