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UK (2010)

In an alternative present, the life in America is too different. Mainly in Central America. Mexico is a very dangerous place. But not because drug trafficking, terrorism or corruption. A few years ago a NASA aircraft come back to the earth with the first alien life. Some kind of seeds. This aircraft had an accident and before take off it gone off and that seeds flying by sky to Mexican jungle. This environment was a perfect site to grow up. So, the new specie is living in Mexico. It's dangerous, it's carnivore and it's to strong. United States tried to kill it but it was a failure. However, the problem is not to important if the problem is in South America. USA built a big wall to prevent alien's attacks. Only Mexico is in dangerous, but who cares it? They are poor people; they are not important. So if you're American and you're in Mexico, you have a big problem. This is the Samantha and Andrew case. They are in Mexico without too much money and they want to runaway from there. The only way: cross the jungle and arrive to the wall. It's a very risky way but the only one solution. In their adventure they will find violence, humanity, love and, of course, aliens.

Very, very interesting scifi movie directed and written by Gareth Edwards. Original plot, original idea and good timming to keep intrigue until the end. The only problem: its budget. This kind of movies, in Hollywood, has an expensive budget. Edwards, instead of filming a movie with an European budget, he tried use spectacular effects, incredible landscapes and titanic battles. However the final result was poor because money (I suppose). If this story had been filmed by Ridley Scott in Hollywood, Monsters would have been a legendary movie. But not, it was filmed in UK and Edwards was too ambitious and his movie is lack of interest in the last 15 minutes. Its ending is absolutly empty.

Mark: 7,5

To remember. Mexico after aliens 
To forget: Too ambitious

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