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Rare Exports

Scandinavia - Finland, Norway, Sweden (2010)

An estrange American Corporation is digging close to a small village in Finland. The legend says Santa Claus was born there. But, what is the relation between the corporation and Santa? Pietari is a smart kid from the village. He knows a terrible secret related to Santa. Yes, because Santa Claus before Coca-Cola was absolutely different. He was a devil that kills children; he really hates children. But Coca-Cola change this devil into a cute old man who gives presents to boys and girls. It's false and only Pietari knows that. He'll try to say the true. Will it enough to stop to Americans? 

Well, today on Piniculas a Scandinavian movie co-produced by Finland, Norway and Sweden. Really good surprise for me. A black comedy from northern people; incredible! Rare Exports is a simple but very original movie. With good performances (manly Onni Tommila as Pietari), funny situations and an irreverent idea (Santa Claus was a devil), Rare Exports is one of the most interesting movies that I have seen this year. If you like fantastic comedies, you have to watch Rare Exports.

Mark: 7.9

To Remember: The Ending. Only in that moment you'll understand the main title.
To Forget: Santa Claus, hohoho!

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