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India (1975)

In India there is a very dangerous bandit called Gabbar. Gabbar lives close to a small town in a valley. This town has a major called Thakur. He is a mysterious character always wears a long cloak and never smiles. Everybody is afraid of Gabbar. Thakur thinks in a solution: to contract to Veeru and Jai. There are very braves, very strongs and very good fighters. The problem: only one. They are criminals. However this is not important for Thakur; he knows the two men are loyal in the end. The battle will not be easy; two “soldiers” against an army. A violent army. But Veeru and Jai are not normal people, and they'll try to win until the end...

My first Indian movie has been a grateful surprise. Sholay is a 188 minutes film, filmed in 1975, in India, but looks like an American super-production. Full of action, many locations, many extras... Spectacular. But this movie from that humble country it's not only action. It has an interesting story similar to The Magnificent Seven but in India. USA desert is changed by a typical Indian town; cowboys are now humble country people. The story is a mix among love, hate, revenge and honour, with a lot of details and, unfortunately, musical parts. Personally, I don't like musical parts on a “normal” movie. I suppose it's different for Indian people. However it is the only “black spot” for Sholay. It's a really interesting example of different cinema. Mark: 8.6

To Remember: The very long plot. Full of details and funny situations.
To Forget: Songs along the movie.

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